man training on row machine in gymWHO IS TRUE STRENGTH?

True Strength is here to provide the city of Barrie with high quality, superior personal training. What sets us apart from the rest is our attention to detail and our genuine investment in every single client that walks through our door. When you become a member of the True Strength family, you receive services like no other. We’re more than just a personal training company, we’re here for you every minute of every day for complete lifestyle support. This includes physical, nutritional, mental and emotional support while on our journey to achieving your goals. We’re a brand reflecting excellence and we plan to reshape the going standard of the fitness and lifestyle industry.

Woman With Water Bottle And Towel Smiling In ClubWHY TRUE STRENGTH?

True Strength facilitates a very unique framework that allows clients to achieve a strong, fully functional, pain free body. We do this by training authentic movement patterns and teaching the body how to move safely and efficiently. Using strength, conditioning and mobility based systems, we allow the client to adopt full physical literacy of their body, taking their physical health and performance to the next level. Our systems have complete carryover to every day activities; whether it’s household chores and renovations, yard work, playing with your grandchildren, or your Saturday morning games of golf, we’re here to enhance all aspects of your life.

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