True Strength is here to provide the city of Barrie with premium, high quality personal training. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and genuine investment in every client that walks through our door.


Developing Full, Pain Free Range of Motion

We facilitate a very unique framework that allows our clients to adopt full physical literacy of their body. Our multi-faceted system incorporates Active-Assisted Stretching and Soft Tissue Release regularly – resolving chronic pain and improving physical performance.

Maintaining a Healthy Body-Fat Percentage

We pride ourselves on providing evidence-based practices to help better our client’s relationship with food. This results in establishing and maintaining a healthy body-fat percentage all while fueling performance. Our extremely effective yet flexible approach to nutrition provides a stress free experience while consistently making new progress.


Our goal is to not only help our clients become physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well. Our around-the-clock support provides the highest level of accountability. This ensures they build the physical and mental fortitude necessary to tackle every day tasks with ease and confidence.

These things will look completely different person to person and are 100% relative to the individual. Maybe for you this means a pain-free round of golf, dropping 20lbs of fat and having energy to chase your kids around. The key is establishing YOUR vision. YOU have the power to shape your life in any direction you choose.

If you’re serious about transforming your life, click HERE to apply for a free Strategy Session.