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Like myself, I assume most of you consider yourselves to be healthy individuals. That being said, how many times have you lectured yourself with these words? – “Damn, I shouldn’t be consuming all of these liquid, carbohydrate rich calories… Shame on me!”. Well, you’re not alone, and let’s face it, some of us enjoy a beer – or six – when the work week comes to an end. Whether it’s a night out with the guys or gals, Sunday night football, or even your routine post-dinner brew, we should be able to enjoy ourselves and remain guilt free while doing it. After all, we train hard, eat smart and deserve it.

All said, I wanted to find the most effective way to mitigate these typical associations that tag along with beer consumption. The easiest and most obvious option was simple; don’t drink beer. However, those of us who enjoy our beer know plain and simple that that’s just not an option. Now comes the more realistic and logical option; low carbohydrate, low calorie beer. I know what most of you are thinking. – “What about my Heineken? My Guinness? My Stella?”. Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re looking to maximize your health while also being able to enjoy your ice cold beer – guilt free – then sacrifices need to be made.

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There is quite the array of low carb and low calorie beers on the market, but only a few of them made this list. These three brands have been carefully picked based on a few key factors; carbohydrate content, calorie content and alcohol content. The goal was to find a product that allowed the best of both worlds and that didn’t just favor one of the key factors. You’ll find that these three beers of choice are both carb and calorie conscious, all while maintaining a quality alcohol percentage. Let’s take a closer look.

Beer #1 – Michelob Ultra

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This fine beer is brewed by the Labatt Brewing Company and by far has the strongest taste of the three. In fact, you can hardly tell that this is a light beer which is definitely a high point for some. Michelob Ultra ranks in with only 95kcal and 2.6g of carbs per 341ml serving, all while packing a 4%alc/vol along with it. It’s no surprise that this beer made it to the list.

Beer #2 – Molson Canadian 67

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Molson Canadian 67 is brewed by none other than the Molson Coors Brewing Company, another veteran in the beer game. This beer, despite being a light variant, still maintains the classic and much sought after Molson Canadian taste which can definitely be appreciated. Molson Canadian 67 ranks in with, you guessed it, 67kcal, 2g of carbs and a gentle 3%alc/vol per 341ml serving. If you dig Molson Canadian, this is your beer.

Beer #3 – Sleeman Clear 2.0

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Sleeman Clear 2.0 is brewed by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. This 2.0 version is relatively new to their original Sleeman Clear product line and delivers an even better, crisp, refreshing taste. Clear 2.0 ranks in with only 80kcal per 341ml serving, landing right between Michelob Ultra and Molson Canadian 67. However, with only 2g of carbs and a surprising 4%alc/vol, it’s no surprise that this remains as my personal favorite. In short, this beer takes the cake with the best overall, well rounded profile.

I personally feel that these selections have the capability to satisfy any beer drinker. Whether you enjoy a strong, hard headed beer, a Canadian classic, or a light, mild tasting brew, you can now enjoy them guilt free.


Now, excuse me while I get back to my home office…

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