The Indefinite Battle of Expectation

Having a mentality chock-full of high, unrealistic expectations typically ends with one unwanted result. These high expectations force you to perceive things a certain way. You’re forced to perceive yourself as inadequate and often times as a failure, when that is simply not the case whatsoever. In this post, we’ll focus on the importance of setting and achieving small, realistic goals, and how they can help to carry you to your bigger, crazier dreams in life.

The first step most start with is the glorious dream, the image, the end result of what they’re trying to achieve. Although this is a key element to achieving your success, and we all know how powerful visualization can be, it is not as important as the steps that you implement along the way. This is where most people make their first mistake. They create the vision and aimlessly pursuit it with no real structure in place. They do what they think feels right at the time, only to find out they’ve been chasing their tail for weeks, months or even years.

It really is a simple formula. Step one, create the vision. Step two, outline exactly what you need to do to get there. Step three, begin implementing small, realistic, achievable goals that allow you to inch closer and closer to the big picture. Depending on your big dream, this may take years to accomplish. Heck, maybe even a lifetime. The important part is that you take the time to visualize the steps along the way. You know where the destination is, you just need to create the map.

Maybe your goal is to squat 500lbs, and your current squat is only 300lbs. You simply don’t continuously attempt and fail at 500lbs until you eventually squat it. You begin with 305lbs, and then 310lbs, and over the course of a few years, if you’ve trained hard, eaten accordingly and maintained your consistency, you’ll have worked your way to the 500lb mark.

Let’s say your aiming to achieve a visible six pack. You simply don’t do crunches every day, starve yourself and hope to be there in a week. It takes persistence. Maybe your first step to achieving a visible six pack is drinking adequate water. Then, limiting your consumption of grains and starches. From there, the next goal would occur on a weekly basis of aiming to lose only one pound of body fat each week. No more, no less.

You need to master the 5k before running a marathon.

You see, these small, attainable goals are what keep us going. They also yield moderate amounts of expectation and keep excessive stress at bay. They may be minuscule compared to the bigger picture, but without them, the bigger picture would not be possible. They allow us to constantly feel good about ourselves and provide recurring feelings of accomplishment, fueling our inner desire. Each time we achieve one of these goals, even though they are smaller in comparison, we know that we’re that much closer to our dream.

Remember, no matter how big the wall, it would not exist without each individual, little brick. Keep up your march.

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