Are you REALLY prepared for the summer of 2015?

It’s almost June, which means it’s not uncommon to see that social media has become flooded with posts on how to achieve your sexy dream body for 2015’s beach season. Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong striving to improve your physical appearance. However, it truly surprises me that those who claim to be “health and fitness professionals” only ever scratch the surface, stuck in the superficial realm of physical appearance and rarely anything more.

That being said, my question to you is this… Are you REALLY prepared for the summer of 2015? I’m not talking about fitting into last year’s bathing suite or losing your seasonal muffin top. I’m talking about function and quality of life. I think the question should actually be… Are you HUMAN enough for the summer of 2015? Here’s that exact question in more detail:

  • Can you tie your shoes without your face going red and your back aching?
  • Can you pressure-wash your driveway without your neck cramping up?
  • Can you take a hike with your significant other without your knees hurting?
  • Can you play with your grandchildren without becoming winded and light headed?
  • Can you open a jar of pickles?

The list goes on, and the bigger picture is that if you answered NO to any of these questions, you need help becoming human again. Plain and simple.

We’re animals. We’re wired for movement and designed to live strong, fully functional and pain free for our entire lifespan and unfortunately many of us have become disengaged from our primal roots. This explains why the majority of the population suffers from chronic pain in some way.

So, if optimizing your physical well being, resolving your pain and boosting your performance isn’t enough, get this… when we favor these specific aspects using movement, mobility and performance as the foundation, improved physical appearance always follows. Period.

Become human again at True Strength Personal Training and enjoy the summer of 2015 to it’s fullest.

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