Attention Runners of 2017!

Running season is fast approaching!

What are you doing to maximize your running potential this season? We now know that simply adding more and more mileage to your training just won’t cut it. It’s old school, ineffective and sets you up for chronic injury.

We must be very methodical with our programming. Rest and recovery must remain a priority at all times while strategically planning the correct duration, intensity and frequency of our runs.

However, the number one overlooked component in almost every runner’s program is strength training. Increasing strength and building moderate amounts of muscle will yield great results for any runner. This means more speed, improved v02 max, improved use of fuel and oxygen, and the list continues.

True Strength Personal Training has teamed up with Marathoner and Ultra-Marathoner Mike MacInnes. Mike is an incredibly skilled and passionate runner and is currently enrolled to become a Certified Running Coach and Personal Trainer. He has accomplished amazing feats such as running the Grand Canyon and is currently gearing up for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

When you pair Mike’s knowledge and experience in running with Robert’s extensive focus on strength and human movement, you receive the most inclusive and superior programming in all of Barrie, Ontario.

Whether you’re looking to complete your first 5k or training for your next marathon, True Strength guarantees your best performance on race day.

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