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A message from those who have already taken action:

“Over the years, I have tried a variety of gyms and work out plans and nothing ever worked for me. All of that changed when I started training with Rob. In the past 6 months I have surpassed any physical expectation I had set for myself and have made real sustainable life changes that reflect a much healthier lifestyle. Rob’s engaging, challenging, and attentive methods have inspired growth and a passion for fitness in ways I never thought possible for me. Not only are the physical changes impressive but the psychological and emotional growth I’ve seen in myself is astounding. Rob has opened me up to my potential and supported me in achieving so many of my goals. I would recommend his high caliber service to anyone. You will thank yourself! ” ★★★★★ – Jess*

“The results speak for them self. I’ve been training with Rob for just over 2 months now and I’ve lost almost 50 pounds. Rob’s unique workout routines are based on the individual, helping you achieve the goals you’re looking for. Rob’s motivation techniques are amazing and inspiring, helping you push forward through your workouts. His flexible meal plans allow you to become healthier and stronger. Balance is an important part of eating as well as in every other part of life. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. 5 stars, hands down.” ★★★★★ – Mike*

“Rob is a very caring and knowledgeable trainer. He is always looking out for his clients and goes overboard to ensure that they succeed. He pushes you past the limits that you have set for yourself in a way that is supportive yet still challenging. He goes out on limb with getting you information for anything that you might be experiencing. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” ★★★★★ – Storme*

“Rob is by far the best personal trainer I have had the pleasure of meeting. Always professional but makes you feel like you are with a friend. He always helps me push past my limits and helps me reach my goals. Would highly recommend training with him as he is also very accommodating to any problems you have. 5 stars isn’t enough for him.” ★★★★★ – Denver*

“Rob’s professionalism, commitment and knowledge are second to none in the health and fitness arenas. His positivity and encouragement are truly inspiring; with his guidance, I continue to achieve fitness milestones that were far beyond my reach prior to training with him. His unique and exceptional focus on proper form and movement therapy has substantially increased my flexibility while reducing pain. True Strength is a brand reflecting excellence and I am honoured to be part of its evolution going forward.” ★★★★★ – Tania*

“I feel truly lucky that I have Rob as a trainer. He pushes me beyond what I think my limits are, and he believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. He is incredibly encouraging and supportive. He is always available to answer any questions I might have and explain things to me. I couldn’t imagine training with anyone else!” ★★★★★ – Michelle*

“I started with Robert Karpathios about 14 months ago. I walked into his studio, looked at the weights and thought what the… did I get myself into? Well, 14 months later and I can deadlift my own body weight. I have not looked back since I started. I am stronger, firmer and more confident then I ever have been, and I am on the younger side of middle aged. Ha. So most definitely the physical appearance is a bonus but the psychological effects are priceless. Thanks Robert.” ★★★★★ – Robin*

“Robert is simply amazing. He is patient. He explains and demonstrates. I am regaining my physical strength and have lessened my aches and pains. Bonus! My clothes are fitting better and my frame of mind is more positive. I can’t wait to continue with Rob’s training. Thank you Robert.” ★★★★★ – Sheila*

“Robert Karpathios is the consummate professional in all he does at True Strength. He has a passion for understanding movement and function of the human body and how to maximize individual potential without risking injury. Each session with Rob feels like a top-notch workout/physiotherapy session in one – I always leave True Strength Personal Training feeling stronger, more energetic and better equipped to deal with the day-to-day wear and tear that wants to happen over time. Robert’s approach to each session is singular and it is evident that consideration for personal strengths and weaknesses is in place. I can’t recommend enough that EVERYONE – athletes or desk bound professionals and everyone in between – should experience True Strength Personal Training personally, to learn how to live strong, fully functional and pain free!” ★★★★★ – Dale*

“It has been my pleasure to have had Rob as my personal trainer for over a year. I look forward to my weekly sessions with him. Thanks to his guidance, monitoring my progress and providing positive advice is working for me. My physical strength and well being has really improved. Now in my 70’s being motivated to exercise at home as well as at his studio has improved my quality of life. Rob knows his stuff- he is the consummate professional.” ★★★★★ – Allan*

“When I first heard of True Strength I thought it would be another thing for me to spend money on and not finish… I always gave up because I could never see a difference in my physical appearance or well being. But a good friend of mine talked me into meeting with Robert. I had nothing to lose. If it wasn’t for me, I could just walk away. I have always wanted good health first, physical fitness second and of course weight loss. I do lead a very stressful life. I met with Robert and decided I liked him as a person. He did not judge me or expect me to do wonders, which made me feel like I could do wonders and surprisingly enough, I did . I can now do movements that I thought were lost to me. I feel good about myself, have more confidence and for the first time in my life I look forward to working out with him. He is very patient and an exceptional trainer. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Robert, for helping me and being who you are.” ★★★★★ – Theresa*

“I have been going to True Strength now for 3 months. I would never have believed all that I have already achieved. For years I have had terrible knots in my shoulders, they have disappeared. I am getting stronger week by week. Robert’s knowledge of health, wellness and nutrition is second to none. Not only is Robert helping me to be my best, going to the studio is truly my stress free time and I always look forward to my sessions, and surprising myself each and every week.” ★★★★★ – Robin*


*individual results may vary